Who We Are


It all started when…

Legislative Ministry has emerged in Unitarian Universalism (UU) over the last twenty years as our faith realized the need to coordinate our statewide voices on matters of pending legislation. California was first, and others soon followed. Our own Virginia voice was raised first in 2011 as the need for liberal religious perspectives was raised on LGBTQIA and feminist issues. The idea of a UU Legislative Ministry of Virginia (UULMVA) sprang to reality.

Characteristics of UU Legislative Ministry

  • Coordination of communication with a clear message by UUs and others to state legislators is more effective than separate random communications from individuals;

  • local involvement of congregations in influencing local representatives has an effect in all capitols;

  • messaging developed and shared by all UU legislative ministries can amplify national legislative programs;

  • partnering with others who share our view is more effective than going alone;

  • partnerships need to be diverse enough to encompass UU views.

Unitarian universalist theology

Justice in all human relations is named by Unitarian Universalists (UUs) as a core principle of our faith. We understand that dynamics of power often lead to oppression and can lead to privilege, and that prosperity can lead to greed. Guarding against these moral slides in ourselves and others is at the heart of political life. In the creation of our state constitution and many local laws and ordinances, the Commonwealth of Virginia made the highest claims to liberty and justice but has lived to deprive too many of its people of both. Virginia’s duplicity has called many UUs to action in advocating changes that bring all people of Virginia within its commonwealth.

Our Commitment

Perhaps the strongest Unitarian Universalist conviction is to live what you believe in the demands of daily life. UULMVA is a pathway of action for UUs in Virginia to educate, advocate, and illuminate our views on matters of the laws of the commonwealth. Therefore, the purpose of UULMVA is to bring alive the theology of UU justice in our commonwealth. The more actively we live our beliefs and see them enacted in the life of the commonwealth, the more confident we are that justice itself is made real for others.

UULMVA will create connections with the nation-wide UU legislative network, CUUSAN, which will address national issues and priorities.