Lobby with us!

During general session, follow our legislation tracker here to find out when important bills are being heard in committee.

become a congregational member!

Ask your minister or your social justice chair if your congregation is a member congregation. Congregations will select representatives based on skills (collaboration, organization, communication) and commitment to UU values and current legislative issues. These representatives will represent their congregations by understanding the priorities their congregation places on issues before the Virginia General Assembly and bringing those views to the UULMVA. If you are a congregational representative, or thinking of becoming a congregational representative, find out more about your role here.

Annual membership dues will be paid by congregations. To find out more about our membership dues, please email coordinator.uulmva@gmail.com.

become a supporter member!

Individuals who wish to participate with UULMVA can be involved in various roles such as advocates, organizers, and fund-raisers. Find out more about the expectations for each of these roles here.

To find out more, please email coordinator.uulmva@gmail.com