Member congregations

Member congregations commit to sending representatives to at least one annual congregational discussion around VA legislative priorities to inform their representative. Once dues have been set, congregations will be expected to support UULMVA at some level of financial commitment.

Benefits of membership include having your congregation’s priorities and values brought to the Virginia Assembly. Member congregations will build community with other Virginia UU congregations around the social justice passions that UUs share. When we are connected and walking together in solidarity, we create a strong UU presence for justice in Virginia.

congregational representatives

A congregation that joins UULMVA commits to sending 1-2 representatives to attend common training; these representatives will then return to their congregations to lead local training.

Representatives are expected to help identify congregational commitments of advocacy; represent their congregation in legislative affairs; actively represent those capacities and commitments in UULMVA meetings; inform, connect, and activate the work of UULMVA to/in the congregation; and return response of congregation to UULMVA.

Supporting members

Supporting members are individuals who wish to be involved in and supportive of the work of UULMVA. These members can help further the mission of the organization by being an advocate and/or help in fundraising.

Advocates include educators, issue experts, officeholder visitors and witnesses. Advocates are responsible for lobbying for the legislative priorities identified by the member congregations and individuals at the annual conference. They will meet with legislators both at the General Assembly and at their local offices to advocate for the issues important to Unitarian Universalists around Virginia. Advocates will train individuals from member congregations to be prepared and equipped to help their congregations lobby for responsible legislation, provide public witness at social justice events, and prepare writen statements from congregations to the media.

The fundraising team is responsible for member relations, supporter relations, and project funding. The fundraising team will seek contributions from congregations, individual donors, Unitarian Universalist Association sources and grant funding.